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Up Close with the TSA

So a funny thing happened to me on the way home from a Defending Liberty event…  

Tale of a Tavern

As part of the “Medina on the Move” tour, I’ve been talking to business owners about the challenges they face in running their businesses and complying with government regulations, and the stories I’m hearing need to be shared. I sat down with a couple of business owners this weekend in their tavern, and heard their[...]

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‘Medina on the Move’ Comes to Houston

  Did you see the news this week?  ”The Debra Medina for Comptroller campaign announced the itinerary for the upcoming days in the Houston area.”  As the “Medina on the Move” tour starts its second week.  Medina has a number of meet and greets and speaking engagements on the schedule, as well as stops at[...]

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