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My Grandbaby Hope Campaigns from Home

  My daughter Janise got some wonderful images of Hope at home, and turned them into an adorable campaign image!

‘The Ballot and the Bullet’ from Rep. David Simpson

Today is such a huge day for fighting for all of us who love liberty, and I want to thank Representative David Simpson for his inspirational words in his e-mail today on ‘the ballot and the bullet’.  It’s always great to hear from  Rep. Simpson on freedom and liberty, but on such an important day he took[...]

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Medina Means Business, and Business Leaders Know It

  A good business climate is critical to the success of Texas and a large part of the responsibility for preserving that climate falls to the Comptroller’s office.  Business leaders depend on the Comptroller’s office for accurate and thorough information, as well as reliable, fair and efficient service to help them meet their obligations and[...]

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