Double Digit Lead in Latest Poll! | Debra Medina

Double Digit Lead in Latest Poll!

A new poll from UT/Texas Tribune shows I’m leading the Comptroller race by thirteen points, expanding the lead from UT/TT polling conducted last fall.  Results show us leading with 39% of the vote, with our nearest opponent thirteen points behind with 26%.

This latest poll shows that speculation about a runoff is indeed premature.  I’ve been optimistic that our lead would hold.  We’ve been working hard around the state for over five years on issues Texans care about.  Now we’ve got to push hard, really hard, for that 50% threshold.  Team Medina volunteers have been working early voting locations since last Tuesday and they are reporting that many voters are still undecided in this race.  A brief conversation with these voters is making a huge difference.  We are going to continue to give all we’ve got with the aim of garnering 51% by close of voting on Tuesday.  You can and are helping us win this race!  Don’t stop now, press on!

Despite a significant fundraising gap, other candidates have not been able to make a dent in our lead.

Natalie Arceneaux, our campaign manager has pointed out, “It just goes to show that money isn’t everything in politics.  Spending millions for mediocrity hasn’t closed the gap, but widened it.”

She went on to address the difference in campaign styles.  “The other candidates are counting on endorsement lists and ad buys, and not much else.  We have received reports from the field that our dedicated volunteers manning the polls are switching voters in the race just by taking a few minutes to interact with them on their way in to vote.  Where high-dollar television and radio ads might be easily lost in the general campaign season noise, our volunteers are reaching voters where it counts.”

The poll of 1200 registered voters across the state found that the vast majority of respondents identified as either extremely interested or somewhat interested in politics, and around 70% claimed to vote in every election or nearly every election.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to volunteer to work a polling location or help with our phone banking Get-Out-The-Vote effort.

And, if you’re able, please make a donation today.