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Debra Medina

Debra and her husband of 31 years, Noe, reside in Wharton where they home schooled their two children. She is a registered nurse and founder and CEO of her own small business, a healthcare consulting firm. An avowed country girl, she continues to enjoy farm life; sharing stories, fresh goat milk, eggs and garden produce with visitors who join her and Noe for their covered dish “Dinner and Discussion” held on the first Friday of each month at their home.

She has been actively involved in conservative politics since 1992, when an attempt to remove the pro-life plank from the Republican platform moved her to stand for life in the political arena. Not content to be a spectator in politics, she ran for office, becoming Chair of the Wharton County Republican Party. She is best known, however, for her dark-horse run for Governor in the 2010 Republican primary, where she garnered almost 20% of the vote while running against two of the biggest names in Texas politics. Her grassroots campaign resonated with many people tired of politics as usual, special favors, and big government waste.

Debra has continued her dedication to good government in Texas, founding We Texans, a nonprofit organization that advocates for tax reform, fighting wasteful spending and the misuse of eminent domain. As a leader for those reforms, Debra has testified multiple times in front of the legislature, giving the people of Texas a voice at the Capitol on some of the issues most personal to them and their freedom. Her firm belief in equipping citizens to affect their government also led her to develop the in-depth training programs Ambassador’s Institute and Catalyst 730, inspiring others to become active participants and helping them influence issues that matter most to Texans. Because of her long history of advocacy for Texans, she has been named as one of the 50 most influential Texans in the public policy arena by Politics and Elections Magazine, and was recently profiled in the New York Times .

Her candidacy for Comptroller of Texas focuses around restoring accuracy, fairness, and accountability to Texas government. While Texas is doing better than most of the United States, Debra believes that consistency and predictability in the office of Comptroller are vital to unleashing the true potential of Texas. When businesses can count on predictability and reliability, they can better plan for their future, creating a better economy and a better Texas for all of us.