Issues | Debra Medina


Who should you trust to manage the finances of Texas?

A small business owner and champion of good government who understands the needs of businesses in Texas, not big-spending career politicians.

Debra Medina is a proven conservative leader and fighter for fairness and fiscal responsibility in Texas.  As Texas State Comptroller, Debra Medina will:

Give Texans an accurate accounting of their money

Debra will provide the people of Texas with the whole story about the state’s finances, not just the details that support certain agendas.

What this means to Texans

More and better information for Texas families and businesses that will help them plan for the future

Work hard for a level playing field for every Texan

Debra will end special deals and political favors for the powerful and well-connected special interests.

What this means to Texans 

Fairness that will help everyone thrive, instead of having obstacles to success thrown in their way

Enforce rigorous accountability standards

Debra will fight wasteful spending and demand efficiency in Texas government.

What this means to Texans 

Saving Texans money while promoting a stable and vibrant economy